"Perspectives on Trauma-Informed Care"


Don’t miss this three-day fundraising event hosted by Ivory Garden Nonprofit Corporation for the purpose of bringing awareness and education of how trauma affects people.  Being ‘trauma-informed’ is the foundation for practicing trauma-informed care.   By learning from internationally renowned clinicians, researchers, authors, and lecturers in the field of trauma-related disorders, you will leave this conference with the information needed to better understand and relate to survivors within your profession or daily life.  Also, learn from survivors who will be presenting workshops, memoirs, and personal experiences.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Seattle: October 7th-9th, 2016 for another amazing event.

Conference Goals and Objectives:

Attendees will be able to:

1. Describe the components of trauma-informed care, and how they differ from standard care.

2. Describe the basic physiology of the trauma response in mammals.

3. Describe the concept of complex PTSD and the symptoms it includes.

4. Describe the role of trauma in psychosis and depression.

5. Describe the core features of a teaching program for trauma-informed care.

Who is Coming:

Trauma survivors, supporters including family, friends, professionals are welcome and will benefit from the material presented.  Seminars, educational workshops, entertainment, and interactive activities will be available for all to attend.


The conference will begin on Friday, October 7th as a pre-conference day of workshops and seminars with evening activities; Saturday, October 8th as a full day of plenaries, workshops, activities, and evening entertainment/relaxation; Sunday, October 9th as a full day ending at 5:30 p.m.


The Radisson Hotel Seattle Airport will be the site of this year’s conference.  Click the link and take a look around at the hotel and amenities.

18118 International Blvd, Seattle, WA
+1 (800) 333-3333 ( US/Canada Toll-free )
+1 (206) 244-6666
Please visit their website for amenities and particulars.  This hotel is beautiful, comfortable, and accommodating.
We have held a block of rooms at the price of $119.00 per night (for both single and double rooms) from October 6th-10th, and the hotel will honor the price 3 days before and three days after those dates.  If you are even considering attending, you should call the hotel and let them know that you are with the “Seattle Trauma Conference” group and book rooms – as many as think you ‘may’ need.  You may book rooms now and if you need to, cancel them without penalty up to 24 hours before – check on that with the hotel.
This hotel has a total of about 200 rooms and book about 90% capacity everyday.   This is very important to you as our guests.  We are excited that we were able to provide for attendees such a warm and friendly venue – much smaller than previous years, but we would also like to see everyone together at the hotel.  Our group is not limited to rooms, but the hotel will most likely ‘run out of rooms’ if you don’t book yours’ soon.  It would be fun to ‘take over’ the hotel that weekend.  :)
Also, please be aware that we are limiting registration to about 150 attendees this year.  As usual, the event will be three full days of educational workshops and plenaries, presentations, creative workshops, activities, and entertainment.  Attendees requested that this year, we attend to a more inviting and comfortable environment where folks can get to know each other better.  We spent time looking for the perfect venue this year.  In order to provide what was requested, we must limit attendance.  We are excited that this year will be special and if possible, even better than previous conferences we have hosted.

What to Expect

  • Shuttle From Airport to Hotel and elsewhere around Seattle.
  • 5 Star Venue is spacious and accommodating, as well as being safe for everyone.Pre-conference Early Check-in on Thursday October 6, 2016
  • Free Parking
  • Rental Car Discounts
  • Airline Discounts
  • Room Discounts
  • Group Rates Available by Request
  • Evening Live Entertainment
  • Art Show
  • Book Sales
  • Friendly and Welcoming Environment for All.
  • Find more information:
  • Trauma and Dissociation Conference Link

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Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers:


Colin A. Ross received his M.D. from the University of Alberta in 1981 and completed his psychiatry training at the University of Manitoba in 1985. He has been running a Trauma Program in the Dallas, Texas area since 1991 and consults to two other Trauma Programs, one at Forest View Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan and one at Del Amo Hospital in Torrance, California. His Texas Trauma Program moved to UBH Denton in September, 2015. Dr. Ross is the author of 28 books and 200 professional papers and is a Past President of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation. Dr. Ross has spoken widely throughout North America and in Europe, China, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. Besides his psychiatric research and writing, Dr. Ross has written poetry, short stories, essays, aphorisms, creative non-fiction, and screenplays.


Steve Frankel is Board Certified Clinical and Forensic Psychologist and an Attorney at Law, who practices both professions in San Francisco’s East Bay. A past Director of Clinical Training and current Clinical Prof. of Psychology at USC, he began recognizing childhood trauma in his adult patient case-load in 1980 and has specialized in working with that population ever since. He joined the Int’l. Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation in the 1990s and was the consultant to the Trauma Program at Del Amo Hospital from 1993 until 2001. He was President of the ISSTD in 2002 and has been active in developing and teaching courses in trauma treatment as well as publishing chapters in books and professional journals in the trauma field.


Dr. Ross received her M.D. and a Master’s Degree in neuroscience from the University of Calgary and completed her psychiatry training at the University of Toronto in 2015. She is on staff at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto, where she specializes in trauma, PTSD and dissociation.


LAURA S. BROWN, Ph.D. is a clinical and forensic psychologist in independent practice in Seattle, Washington. A writer and speaker on feminist therapy theory and practice, she offers workshops and trainings to professionals and the public on such topics as trauma treatment, cultural competence, psychological assessment, and ethics. She is the author of Your Turn for Care: Surviving the aging and death of the adults who harmed you, and the forthcoming book Not the Price of Admission: Healthy relationships after childhood trauma, in addition to 10 volumes for professionals.


Joan C. Golston, DCSW, LICSW, is a therapist, supervisor and clinical and forensic consultant in private practice in Seattle, Washington. She has been Chair of the NASW Washington Chapter Ethics Committee for some 15 years, was honored as the Chapter’s 2006 Social Worker of the Year, and is a Fellow and Director of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISST-D). She is a co-author of the recently published Guidelines for Treating Dissociative Identity Disorder in Adults, 3rd revision. Joan teaches ISST-D international courses on the psychotherapy of the dissociative disorders, and has served as a consultant in a number of legal cases regarding ethics and professional standards. In November, she will present a pre-conference institute on “Ethics in the Treatment of Trauma” in Montreal. Joan is a warm and engaging speaker who has presented over a hundred professional lectures and workshops, and earned a reputation as a teacher who makes complex topics easily comprehensible and even entertaining.


David L. Calof has practiced psychotherapy, family therapy and hypnotherapy in his native Seattle for 40 years. A highly regarded clinician, Mr. Calof has lectured and consulted frequently at educational institutions, professional associations, hospitals, mental health centers, and social service agencies across the United States, and in Canada, England, France, Germany, Australia, and Japan on the treatment of posttraumatic and post-abuse syndromes, (with special regard to the dissociative disorders), self-injury syndromes, hypnotherapy, couples and family therapy. Mr. Calof has authored two books and over 50 professional publications on hypnotherapy, marriage and family therapy, and the treatment of psychological trauma and child abuse. His last book, The Couple Who Became Each Other and Other Tales of Healing From a Leading Hypnotherapist (with Robin Simons, BantamDoubledayDell, 1996) (a featured alternate selection for the Behavioral Science Book Service in 1997), has been published in North American, United Kingdom, French, German, and Israeli editions and garnered highly favorable reviews (1, 2) internationally.


Lynn Crook was a therapist when she recovered memories of childhood sexual abuse. Since her successful lawsuit, she’s been investigating false memory claims. She presented her findings in the U.S., England, and at the United Nations. She joined a comedy improv group to handle any hecklers that might show up. They didn’t. Lynn is an editor emeritus of Treating Abuse Today, and is writing a book she’s currently calling “An Inconvenient Crime.”

JULIE VALENTI, Owner and Program Director, Wisdom and Recovery Wellness Center

Julie Valenti, formerly a medical/surgical nurse, is the owner of the Wisdom and Recovery Healing Center located in Portland, Oregon. Her program provides individuals, couples, and families with support and guidance. Educational classes on addiction, trauma, brain re-wiring, as well as workshops and support groups for individuals and couples enrich the program. Mobile and Online access allows Julie to provide her clients with support and guidance across the U.S. and internationally. Julie has developed a unique approach to treat individuals struggling with PTSD due to childhood trauma. This method, named the ”The 20 Concepts”, has yielded such positive results that her clients have encouraged her to write a book to make these concepts more available to the public. Knowing How-20 Concepts to Rewire the Brain, will be in print and available for purchase later this year. She is currently a featured speaker at the Serenity Lane Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers, located in Oregon and Washington. Her education and experience in treating addictions, as well as her own recovery from childhood trauma, brings an informative and interesting perspective to her presentations. Julie is also a Certified Hypnotherapist skilled in helping people overcome adversities and compulsive behaviors, which can be rooted in the subconscious mind. These powerful treatments are also proven to have positive results in the lessening of pain and anxiety. As an Ordained Minister, Julie brings a spiritual and mindful experience to a ceremony, whether it is an end of life ritual or a joy filled marital union. Julie currently resides and works in Portland, Oregon and San Diego, California. Wisdom and Recovery Wellness Center


Jodi Hobbs has a BA in IT and an MBA. Working in the technology industry for over 15 years she has helped many for profit and non profit organizations with their technical needs. Jodi has a successful tech based business. She is a survivor of Victory Christian Academy, a youth treatment facility that once operated in Ramona, CA. VCA was closed after scathing accusations of abuse were leveled against the proprietor. Mrs. Hobbs formed Survivors of Institutional Abuse (SIA) to help those affected by abusive treatment in behavioral modification type programs. “SIA is about healing and leading a positive, peaceful and healthy life. Anything we can do to assist in getting a survivor on positive path.”


Staci Sprout, LICSW, CSAT is a licensed psychotherapist, author and publisher with twenty years of experience as a therapist and social worker in a variety of settings from community mental health and hospitals to private clinical practice. She is also a survivor of extreme abuse and a human rights advocate. In 2009 she helped found the survivor-led North American Truth and Reconciliation Coalition (NATRC), and has presented for the SMART Conference and Survivorship in her area of personal and professional focus: sexual healing for survivors. In 2015 Staci published her first book, titled Naked in Pubic: A Memoir of Recovery From Sex Addiction and Other Temporary Insanities. Her ability to integrate her clinical experience with the story of her own recovery from trauma and multiple addictions offers an informed, accessible message of hope for anyone interested in transforming our extreme abuse culture.


Jerry Crimmins is a writer and retired reporter and editor in the Chicago news business where he worked for 40 years for the Chicago Tribune, the Associated Press, the City News Bureau of Chicago, and The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. He is 71 years old and has dealt with dissociative identity disorder acutely for 26 years. Looked at another way, starting with the origins of DID for Jerry in his childhood, he has dealt with it for most of his life. In the news business, Jerry broke an exclusive story that led to the largest grand jury investigation of vote fraud in Chicago history and more than 60 convictions. He also wrote a series of stories that was instrumental in freeing five American citizens from prison in Yugoslavia in five separate cases over six years. In cooperation with an Illinois state senator and the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Jerry and other Chicago Tribune reporters published a series of stories about irregularities at a suburban Chicago mental health center. These efforts led to the firing of the head of that center and the resignation of its board of directors. The mental health center was taken over by a local Catholic hospital. As a newsman, he has won many awards including a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Chicago Headline Club. As a writer on the side, Jerry is the author of two novels, “Fort Dearborn,” published by Northwestern University Press in 2006, and “Obits and Murders,” self-published by Ozanam Press in 1992. He is now working on a sequel to “Fort Dearborn.” Jerry is married to Dottie O’Hara Crimmins. They celebrate their 50th anniversary in April 2016. Jerry and Dottie, who live in Chicago, have three children and six grandchildren.

LANI KENT, Therapeutic Arts Facilitator

Lani Kent is a Therapeutic Arts Facilitator; Speaker; Writer, and Artist /Owner of “Healing Expressions”. She has a compassionate heart for survivors of traumatic life experiences. For over ten years has offered adjunct expressive arts services, client support, consultation to therapeutic professionals, recovery groups, and clients, through “Restorative Creativity” individual and group workshops. Lani has in depth knowledge of the dissociative process as expressed through art, presents at conferences on these topics, and offers “Healing Expressions” vendor exhibits. She is passionate about sharing an authentic expression of the recovery journey in the hopes that others will find the courage to share their own stories and find a voice for the wounded places within. Website: Healing Expressions By Lani Website


Fiona Barnett is Australia’s most vocal and recognized whistleblower against VIP pedophilia. A survivor with an academic background, she offers professionals a unique insight into the victim’s mind. Fiona has studied forensic psychology, art therapy, academic giftedness and more recently, law. Fiona testified to the current Australian Child Abuse Royal Commission regarding her experiences of child trafficking, ritual abuse and military mind control. She fronted the nation’s media before launching into full-time advocacy and media liaison for victims. Fiona has a unique ability to describe the trauma-based procedures that CIA psychologists John Gittinger and Dr Antony Kidman employed to cause her dissociation, plus a rare understanding of the role intelligence plays in the victim selection and programming process. Her testimony concerning how she beat their programming offers hope for victims and their supporters.

MARY KNIGHT,Writer,Filmmaker

After working as a social worker for over 20 years, Mary Knight started a new career as a full time filmmaker and writer. She is a survivor of incest, child pornography, child prostitution, and other ritualistic child abuse. The first scene of her feature film can be seen at Her fifteen minute film about her first marriage is available to interested domestic violence agencies and individuals at

KATE WHITE, Concert Artist, Speaker

Kate White is a Recording Artist, Speaker, Worship Leader, Songwriter and Violinist. Kate tours regionally with her band and nationally as a solo artist and speaker. She is the Founder of Music That Matters, an organization dedicated to bringing hope to the hurting. As a trauma survivor Kate began songwriting as a way to help process her own healing journey. 15 years later, Kate’s 6th album and recent release, Six Feet Down, has synthesized her deeper understanding of trauma and dissociation with lyrics and music that help give a voice to the voiceless, and strength for the journey.


Joshua Moore has a Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC) from Multnomah University, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (LMHCA) and is Board Certified in Neurofeedback (BCN). Joshua is the owner of Alternative Behavioral Therapy and has been practicing Neurofeedback with dissociation in conjunction with local therapists since 2013. Joshua currently uses a variety of therapies, such as Infra-low Neurofeedback, Alpha-theta, SRM Training, EMDR, CES, BAUD, Play Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and Psycho-dynamic Therapy.


Sue has worked in the fields of counseling, nursing, addictions and psychotherapy since 1981.She has been a meditation teacher for 20 years facilitating people in groups, individually, and couples. She has taught meditation at workshops and conferences nationally and internationally.Sue's meditation CD 'Serenity Through Meditation' was done with musician Steven Halpern. Sue is also a co-author in the book 'Clergy Sexual Misconduct'.She was part time faculty for six years at Bellevue Community College in WA where taught classes on Sex and Relationship Addiction, Partners and Stress Management. She is currently adjunct faculty for IITAP (International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals) teaching Mindfulness to therapists. She has been trained in Mindfulness at the Univ. of Washington and is a trained meditation teacher through UCSD. She has been a featured guest on several radio talk shows and was a columnist for a local newspaper on sex and relationship issues. She has a private practice in Bellevue, WA. Quantum Healing

EMILY JAEGER, iRest® Meditation Lvl 2, RYT

Emily Jaeger received the iRest® Meditation Level 2 training through Anne Douglas, iRest Senior Teacher Trainer and Director of Training; with Level 1 completion through iRest founder Richard Miller, PhD, in 2015. Also, she is a Certified Yoga Teacher (2014).Currently, she is working toward iRest certification (lvl 3) under the supervision of Robin Carnes, iRest Senior Teacher and Warriors At Ease co-founder. Her focus areas for iRest application are on stress relief (from day-to-day to PTSD) and sleep enhancement.Emily offers 4 or 8 week classes, workshops and private sessions –using a hybrid of guided meditation and yoga poses- that allow participants to try on ‘what is good and whole about themselves’ which builds inner-capacity. With more capacity, individuals can more thoroughly engage with their medical or mental health processes for sustainable healing. Additionally, this practice proves useful to ‘press reset’ from day-to-day living stressors. Emily’s guidance is described as: Alignment-Oriented, Gentle Strength for Customized Courage & Empowerment.The application of iRest is a restorative journey and has helped many through spectrum of stress and trauma ( For Emily, it served as the missing sail to fully embark on inner-healing and its many tributaries. Like many others, she tried on a variety of traditional and non-traditional healing methods where she plateaued or found little relief, repeatedly. One of her Healing Guides presented iRest as option to investigate. Within the practice and training she re-discovered her perfect life partners: discerning wisdom and compassionate love. “I'm grateful and humbled how this practice uncovered and grew all of me. I am honored to be part of the restorative journey and now: paying it forward as a guide.” For more information about services offered by Emily, visit:

NAOMI LOMBARDI, MA Clinical Psychology


"Embodying & Honoring Our Sacred Body: Being present with what is." Description:Building our Capacity for Embodiment & Self Regulation: meditation, breathing, dancing, stretching, feldenkrais -awareness through slow movement to embody our wisdom mandala - our precious body.Connect deeply with the body, mind & creativity. How does one feel safe & grounded? Learn a short guided meditation you can do anywhere. Connect with the depth of your being in different meditation techniques. Calming the mind. Somatic experiencing.


Kahnema Rodman is a Peer Support Specialist in the state of Oregon. She has been involved in a local Clubhouse for some time. She respects and admires the clubhouse model and the standards by which Clubhouse are ran. The clubhouse model gives the opportunity for all of those involved to have a voice and to explore their values.

BOYYM/DonavonSpeaking on Service Dogs

My name is Donavan, many know me also as BoyyM. I currently run North West Washington Service dog group, a group dedicated to legal service dog training, education and legal information. While I work with and train Service Dogs for many disabilities, I particularly enjoy training Psychiatric Service dogs. I will be speaking about the types of Service dogs, the process of owner training a Psychiatric Service dog, the legal aspects of doing so and the costs. I'll answer questions at the end of the time as well as throughout the conference.

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